Hex Coupling Nuts/Round Coupling Nuts

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Norm : DIN6334

Grade : 6

Surface : Plain, Zinc Plated, HDG

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Product name: Hex Coupling Nuts/Round Coupling Nuts
Size: M6-M42
Grade : 6, 8, 10,
Material Steel: Steel/35k/45/40Cr/35Crmo
Surface: Plain, Zinc Plated, HDG
Norm: DIN6334
Sample: Free Samples

Now many friends don't understand why the thickened nut needs to be thickened so much. What is the use of the thickened nut? What are the functions of the thickened nut? , To prevent the bolt from falling off the fixing part, the manufacturer will thicken the nut according to the technical requirements, and the contact area between the nut, bolt and thread is large, and the stability of the bolt thread is ensured when the thickened nut is used. , which also prevents the bolt from slipping.

Thickened nuts are classified as follows: according to the standard number, they can be divided into DIN6334 (extra thick nuts), according to different materials, they can be divided into high-strength thickened nuts and ordinary thickened nuts, according to surface treatment, they can be divided into electro-galvanized thickened nuts, hot Galvanized thickened nuts, Dacromet thickened nuts. Thickened nuts (thickened nuts), like ordinary nuts, are used with bolts. The difference is that the thickened nut has a larger contact area with the bolt than ordinary nuts, and can withstand greater tensile force than ordinary nuts. and lateral pressure. Therefore, it is commonly used in rail transit, large-scale bridge construction, and large-scale machinery and equipment.

How to use the special watch that wants to make the thickened nut secure? In fact, no matter how thick the thickened nut is, there is no locking effect, unless a nut or a locking nut is added. If not, you can add A spring washer, and then brushed with paint, can play the role of thickening the nut locking.

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DIN 6334Hexagon coupling nuts 3d

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