Rivet Nuts

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Norm : According to Drawing

Grade : 6

Surface : Zinc Plated

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Product name: Rivet Nuts
Size: M8-M16
Grade: 6
Material Steel: Steel
Surface: Zinc Plated

Manufacturer Stainless Steel Aluminum Flat Head Knurled_yy

The rivet nut is a new type of fastener specially used on the thin plate, also called the bosom friend of the thin plate. This kind of rivet nut is a professional nut with internal thread. It has high riveting efficiency and convenient use, and has the advantages that other nuts cannot be replaced. Although the rivet nut is more practical, how to install it is also very important. If the operation is not correct, the riveting will not be firm. Some surfaces seem to be pressed in, but in fact, the rivet nut's flower teeth are not riveted with the plate at all, so it is definitely not riveted firmly, so professional riveting tools are required to operate. Today we will share with you the relatively simple installation method of rivet nuts. Installation and use method 1. When installing, place the rivet stud or rivet nut on the rivet gun. 2. Tightly snap the rivet stud or rivet nut into the drilled hole. 3. Return the main shaft of the riveting gun to the shaft to make the workpiece riveted firmly. 4. Remove the rivet gun. 5. Install components. Of course, when using professional riveting tools, you need to pay attention to the following: 1. First, check whether the nozzle screw is assembled correctly, select the corresponding gun head and rivet bolt according to the size of the rivet nut, and whether the connecting parts are firmly connected. 2. Pay attention to the deformation length or displacement of the riveting nut, and then correctly adjust the opening angle of the operating rod. 3. The scale ring of the rivet nut gun is used to adjust the riveting stroke, and can be adjusted at will during operation. 4. Open both hands and pull out the bakelite, put the corresponding rivet nut on the end of the rivet bolt and pinch it firmly, and push the bakelite to screw on the gun head bolt. Insert the rivet nut into the pre-drilled hole of the riveting piece, and press the two handles hard. At this time, the rivet nut will expand to rive the workpiece, and then pull out the bakelite ball, and the rivet nut will withdraw from the threaded hole. 5. In the process of using the manual rivet nut gun, if the cap is found to be loose, it should be tightened in time.

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