Flat Washer

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Norm : DIN125A, DIN9021, ASTM F844 SAE, USS

Grade : 100HV, 140HV, 200HV

Surface : Plain, Black, Zinc Plated, HDG

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Product name: Flat Washer
Norm: DIN125A, DIN9021, ASTM F844 SAE, USS
Size: M1.7-M165
Grade: 100HV, 140HV, 200HV
Material: Steel
Surface: Plain, Black, Zinc Plated, HDG

There are three types of gaskets: nonmetallic gaskets, metal composite gaskets and metal gaskets. While washers are flat pads, spring pads, lock washers, stop washers and so on. Gasket is more used for mechanical sealing between two objects, which can not only fill the irregular surface of machined surface, but also be placed on a regular plane to strengthen the sealing performance. The function of gasket is to increase the contact area between objects and disperse the pressure, which is protective, but it doesn't necessarily have a sealing function.
There are three main types of gaskets. First, nonmetallic gaskets, such as gaskets made of rubber, asbestos rubber, flexible graphite, polytetrafluoroethylene, etc., all belong to the category of nonmetallic gaskets. Their common feature is that their cross sections are basically rectangular. Second, metal composite gaskets, such as common metal wrapped gaskets and metal wound gaskets, etc. The third is metal gasket, which is also a kind of gasket with a wide range of applications, and its morphology is also very rich, such as metal flat gasket, corrugated gasket, annular gasket, toothed gasket, lens gasket, triangular gasket, biconical ring, C-shaped ring, hollow O-shaped ring, etc. ...
There are more kinds of washers, such as flat pads, spring pads, lock washers, stop washers, etc., and their functions are also different. Among them, the flat pad only has the function of increasing the contact area, but not the function of preventing loosening, while the elastic pad can increase the area and effectively prevent loosening. A unique advantage of the lock washer is that the lock cylinder will produce a backward pushing force, and the anti-loosening effect is very good. As for the stop washer, its inner ring will have a raised fixing foot, and the outer ring will even have 3-4 fixing feet, which can not only prevent loosening, but also have a good fixing effect.

Product parameters

DIN 125-1 - 1990 Product Grade A, up to Hardness 250 HV, Primarily For Hexagon Bolts and Nuts

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